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Transys Packaging Solutions

As do most semiconductor companies, Transys subcontracts the assembly of our die to specialist partners at various locations in Asia.  Some of our customers however requires more.  We maintain a packaging solution sdivision at our UK headquarters. 
This division uses exclusively vacuum soldering systems to attach die into power modules of various types and sizes.
Transys has full design capability to work with our customer to create the perfect solution to their needs. 
Our one shot vacuum soldering systems mean we can use any type of solder, lead based or Rohs approved in one soldering cycle.  Many companies solder the semiconductor die and Molybdenum at one time using vacuum soldering and then attach the Direct bonded copper in another process, normally inside an furnace.  Transys completes the whole process inside the vacuum system and using the same solder at one time.

Soldering Directly to Aluminium Heatsinks
Many power modules are attached directly onto an aluminium heatsink.  This process creates extra joints in the product and thus impedes heatflow from the die.
Transys has developed a process that allows for soldering directly onto the chosen aluminium heatsink.  This is completed inside the vacuum environment and at the same time as all of the other soldered joints.  This eliminates the need for the copper heatsink and improves the thermal conductivity considerably.
Please contact Transys for further details and to discuss your application.
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