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Transient Voltage Protection
Transient Voltage Suppressors (TVS)

TVS Flip chips
Transhield TVS
Telecom Thyristor Protector

Thyristor SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier)
Discrete Thyristors
Thyristor/Thyristor Modules
Thyristor/Diode Modules
High Current Thyristor Modules


Discrete Rectifiers
High Current Diode Modules

Transys maintains a full 4000 square foot waferfab in their Birmingham headquarters.  Capable of 5,000 wafers 4 and 5 inch power semiconductor wafers per week.  The products range from Rectifier diodes including high voltage 2500 volts, SCR's including high voltage 2200 volts, gate sensitive Triac's 3/3/3/5, TVS diodes up to 500 volts in a single die, the Transhield TVS with zero slope resistance and the Telecom Sidac protector wafers including advanced specifications including the Bellcore1089.
Transys has a full range of processing capability, Diffusion, Photolithography, chemical etch, an evaporated metal system and dicing all onsite in the UK.
The metal system allows great flexibility to deposit metals to suit various assembly operations.  Transys uses Chrome, Nickel and silver for solderable die and aluminium for wire bonding.  Transys also offers a hybrid solution for SCR and Triac die allowing the cathode to be solderable but the gate to have an aluminium surface.  The thickness of the metal can be adjusted to suit most requirements.

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